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Executive Search

This is a specialised recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions in organizations.

Our core team has a wide range of personal contacts in the industry and typically operate at the most senior level of executive positions. We are involved throughout the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to clients selectively, when they feel the candidate meets all stated requirements and would fit into the culture of the hiring firm, as well. We typically have long-lasting relationships with clients and the suitability of candidate is paramount.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO model guides you through the challenging process of identifying and selecting the best available talent. We collaborate with you to create a total outsource solution that enables you to:

  • Concentrate your human and capital resources on core competencies
  • Focus limited resources on tasks that impact the bottom line
  • Improve the effectiveness of your corporate recruitment process
  • Reduce “time-to-hire”
  • Provide “delivery on demand”
  • Reduce time spent resolving support issues
  • Improve quality and statistical data
  • Use the leverage of a single agency to tap into multiple, outside resources

Whether your company is a start-up, in growth mode or mature, our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model will guide you through the maze of finding and hiring the best available talent.

Contract Staffing

We provide a range of solutions in the temporary staffing space. This is a fast catching up trend because it helps improves focus on core activities, can be adapted to the seasonal nature of business, helps counter business uncertainties and demand of scale up and scale down of business in short notice.  The resources may be highly specialized skills required for short term engagements or resources that have skills in areas which are noncore to our customers' businesses. Resources are taken on our rolls with them being placed onsite at different customer locations. We offer services in General Staffing, Professional Staffing, Technical Staffing and niche IT skills staffing.

Our Service include Recruitment Support, Basic Training, Payroll Management, Compliance and Customised Solutions.

Permanent Hiring

When our clients are on a growth phase and plan exponential addition of resources, we work on a project basis to help acquire the right resources for the new project across all levels. As a trusted partner, we source professionals with high intellectual capabilities to help enhance our client’s human capital on one hand, and on the other, we help individuals optimise their career choices. For any growing entrepreneurial setup, it’s very important to align the capabilities and attitudes of prospective employees with the firm’s core culture and vision.

We will play a key role in not only identifying the right talent for you but branding your company vision, expectations and growth potential with many candidates. We also provide valuable inputs on sources, market conditions and benchmarking on compensation levels etc.. which will help you enormously in the initial stages of managing growth. We envision ourselves as an important part of your growth in this service offering. Permanent Hiring is a defining activity for both, companies as well as, candidates. We make a difference with -

  • Trust, confidentiality and dependability being our key values.
  • Trained Recruitment Professionals committed to delivering the best.
  • Our widespread network coverage of candidates.
  • Trustworthy and dependable association with candidates.
  • Recruitment at all levels.